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food grade mold? Answered

need to make double /2 sided food grade mold . what would i use and how ?

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Paige RussellBest Answer (author)2018-01-04

Hi Gail,

Lesson 5 covers how to make two part molds (for 2 sided parts), so I recommend reading through lessons 1 & 2 and then following along with Lesson 5 using one of Smooth-On's Smooth-Sil silicone products. Smooth-Sil 940, 950, and 960 are all food safe – 940 being the softest silicone and 960 being the hardest. Here's a link to their product page:


All three can be used for anything from chocolate to cake baking. Their max temperature is 450°F, so if you plan on using your mold in the oven, I recommend getting an oven thermometer to ensure that it never goes over that temp.

Happy making!


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