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for a jam jar pulse jet what percentage dopes the methylated spirits have to be? Answered

. I've ordered some at 10% is this enough?


I used the standard pink stuff from the hardware shop for THIS one. Methylated spirit is denatured alcohol with an additive to make it undrinkable - typically 10% methanol.  Is this the 10% you're thinking of?

Methanol doesn't make it undrinkable, only toxic. Methyl-violet and pyridine make it undrinkable.


Thanks Lemonie.
Pyridine - Way back in the mists of time, I remember my 'O' level chemistry teacher showing the class a gallon flagon of the stuff he had in the chemical store.  He said it gave you cancer, made you sterile and he didn't have a clue what to do with it.  He later admitted that he had no idea what to do with half the chemicals in there. (I managed a 'B'.)

It causes temporary infertility, but cancer is not reported in safety data.


Orange juice makes it drinkable.

There's not that much difference between methanol and ethanol; any real meths should do you.


... well, not for burning purposes. And usually not for solvent purposes.