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for sale: illustrator sgi paintball gun/marker(just gun) Answered

in perfect condition and  it uses co2, blue, has a fore grip air reduser for better shooting if anybody is interested please leave a comment, selling for around $100 although we can maybe talk the price down a little bit.as of 6/13/10(this is not my gun in the pic but looks exactly like it.


Nobody has read this for a while so just to let you know this offer is still available as of Monday the 21 2011. I mean that it is still for sale.

post it up on the BST section of www.techpb.com I'm willing to be that within a few days someone will make you an offer

high quality, older style gun. when company was still in buisness, it sold for 250-300$ with the fore handle (an air restricter). mine only has one trigger. i just sent it to mesa paintball to get cleaned, it is shiny new!

how does this marker stand? high quality, low, average? is this considered a cheap or expensive gun?