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for xbox live can u just run a phone cord to the xbox to the internet box ? Answered


just buy a cheap ethernet cable (like a phone cable but a wider connector) at your local dollar store, plug one end into the internet box, the other into your xbox. works like a charm.

No. An Ethernet cable is needed. (Phone cord won't have the right connectors or number of wires, to start with.)

Although he does in fact need to use an Ethernet cable, cable does, in fact have enough wires. The real problem is that they aren't twisted or shielded.

Enough wires for 10base-T, but not at the right positions in the connectors. https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Ethernet_over_twisted_pair#Cabling

(BTW, I'm one of those who mildly objects to calling anything which requires a hub or router "Ethernet". I remember the original Ethernet hardware and protocols -- and the Chaos subset protocol -- where the network behaved more like a shared antenna than point-to-point connections. I understand how and why 10base-T evolved, but I've always felt that calling it ethernet when there's no ether is misleading at best.)

if it's 4 wire cable, it can have short runs of 100baseT, sans T :)

He CAN just run a phone cord to his xbox...into a dsl modem box, and then ethernet rj45 into the xbox :)