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forget homework, school sucks, no matter what i get bad grades, anyone else? Answered

btw, anybody got an exercise lab introduction i can have, it just has to be about exercise and what happens when you do it. seriously, i dont want to do it.


Don't US schools still grade on a curve? It may sound condescending, but not everybody can be at the top end of a bell-curve.

With my school, no. I think the biggest extent of that is only a few AP courses (calc & physics)'s teachers decide to scale tests/quizzes, but generally not overall grades.

Other schools might do it differently...

well its like a rainbow, with 2 bottoms, if i reach the top i roll back down the other side.

no matter how hard I try my english teacher keeps rejecting me, my hardest work is like a B.... sigh....

yea, i dont like my english teacher, last year he got mad when i randomly brought out my 366 laptop and started taking it apart.

I always volenteer in class and am awsome all over (ha, lol), it's just that she grades really tough. BTW the class is adv honors english 9... Oi


9 years ago

Possible options: 1) you are not directing your hard work in a way that will actually improve your grades 2) you are being taught badly or incompetently 3) you have a specific learning difficulty for that particular subject 4) god hates you Course of action: 1) ask your teacher 2) yell at your teacher 3) consult your teacher 4) .. erm... hm. Make lemonade?