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i copied the code into the software and uploaded the forloopiteration.ino file. The led connected during blink worked well but the other four leds did not glow. all connections verified. when I switch the polarity of any one of the led it glows but out of sequence. please help?

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bekathwia (author)2017-06-16

Sounds like you're missing a ground connection to one side of your breadboard. Could we see a photo of your circuit?

sakagr (author)bekathwia2017-06-16

I did the experiment in the first 30 pins of breadboard and it worked.

sakagr (author)bekathwia2017-06-16

yes, I am using a 60 points breadboard. when I opened the back I realised that there is a disconnection halfway across. so the leds were not connected. thank you for the quick reply ma'am.