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free art and crafts supplies Answered

Does anyone know of any sites that are giving away free art and craft supplies or free samples of arts and crafts supplies or any place where I maybe able to get from?

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ZephyrArynBest Answer (author)2015-08-26

What kind of art and craft supplies are you looking for? Craigslist is a great resource for finding local things, and there is a section dedicated to everything free. Sometimes searching for "craft supplies" and the like won't make anything pop up depending on the size of your town, but searching for specific things like "paint" or "paper" may work. It might end up being leftover house paint or notebook paper, but keep an open mind and think outside the box for a bit and you might get some workable materials. For example, if you sew, things can often be made from old curtains and bed sheets.

Although garage sales and thrift stores are meant for reselling used things, sometimes there will be free items set aside. Sometimes thrift stores will even have things they don't mind giving away for free that aren't in the regular shopping area. One time I needed wire hangers for a project and after calling a thrift store about if they had any for sale, they said they didn't bother trying to sell them and instead gave me a whole bag of them when I went there. Honestly, it never hurts to ask.

If you happen to have at least one university in town, if not several, you may want to visit at the end of their semesters when students are tossing all their partially used notebooks and other school supplies. It's rather amazing what some people will simply throw away, honestly.

In the case that you'd find cardboard useful, many retail stores will allow people to have their leftover boxes when they are stocking items. (This often occurs in the evenings or the mornings.) Most places will be more than happy for someone else to take some of their cardboard, because that makes a few less boxes that they will need to take to the baler later.

If you're open to trying things digitally, two great and free art programs are "GIMP" and "Krita". You don't even need a tablet to use them, granted tablets are useful in their own right. However, digital art can still be done with your laptop scroll pad or a mouse. There are also plenty of tutorials showing you how to use these programs.

Even if I didn't give you exactly the right answer that you were looking for, I hope you found my advice helpful. Sometimes it just takes some creative thinking to get the ideas flowing.

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CreativeKaila (author)2015-08-06

I also wanted to add to question that the sites be of U.S. please and thank you.

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moen-the-grass (author)2015-08-05

freecycle.org, look for the area you want to access, for example North King County and Everett(Snohomish County) if you live in South Everett. Its free, ask for what you want.

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rickharris (author)2015-08-04

Examples of what you need?

In the UK many councils have a system for redistributing companies cast offs to the community (mainly schools)

Otherwise you may have to get used to Dumster (skip in UK) diving.

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