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free standing pull up bar? Answered

Hello. I need something like this: http://trapezerigging.com/PortablePullupBar/?gclid=CO_b9dCf6aMCFZL92AodJFCP2w

That is, a free standing chin up bar that can be quickly mounted and dismounted. Somewhat more solid than that one if possible and... well, that one is extremely expensive for what it is. I've thought of building two Y-shaped vertical poles (maybe with galvanized pipes?) and an additional horizontal bar mounted on top of both. How would you do this? Thank you very much in advance.


That would break my door frame, that's why I need a free standing one :S

Well, go to a plumbing supply shop or last resort home center to get a mishmash of pipe couplings/ tee connections/angle fittings and maybe reducers. Design something similar using thicker diameter pipes for the supports and have a comfortable sized pipe for the pipe you grip. Galvanized pipe can be cut with a hacksaw or easier reciprocating saw. Then you need a threading machine to cut the threads on cut ends. Manual ones work but you need some elbow grease and a few pipe wrenches or a nice vise stand. Maybe you have a welder friend? Good luck.

Thank you very much, guys. I'll be trying those things soon.


7 years ago

make something like this... make 2 of it and replace the pointy end with something flat and slip-proof... the red point should connect the 2 things with your chin up bar ; the blue point should be some kind of bar equal in length to the chin up bar... the green points are simple axes/pivot/hinges(whatever the right word in english is)... if you increase downward force on the chin up bar you will increase friction to the wall above the door yo the heavier you are the stronger the construction clings to the wall