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frequency tesla coil function a? IRF9130? circuit cold electricity? Answered

at what frequency does a basic tesla coil function at? how does the IRF9130 fit into the circuitry when it only has 2 posts? does a circuit require a spark gap to induce cold electricity and what frequency does it first take effect?

I will be putting together several joule thief's and after i get them to sustain each other i intend to use the circuit with the IRF9130 to power a tesla coil. i also intend to use the JT to power an E-bike that is fast enough to travel on the highway's.

any help is greatly appreciated!

also, what is a Batt-cap? and where can i find them? the batt-cap in question is stated to absorb all of the batteries power and recharge it after it is fully depleted. source from:http://free-energy-info.co.uk/Chapt5.html


Use an IRFP460 instead of a IRF9130 the circuit will work better.

A regular spark gap Tesla coil runs between 100-500 thousand kHz, this is a rough average, you can't really say any specific frequency.

This circuit is not a Tesla coil, but it can be used to power one.

In a SGTC a lower frequency will generally produce a higher voltage (due to the way the circuit works), but a higher frequency is better for wireless electricity transmission.

A very high frequency is what I desire, what is a SGTC? Electrical transmission is exactly what i am wanting, What is the difference between an IRF9130 & IRF460?

A SGTC is a spark gap Tesla coil.
An IRF9130 has a lower voltage than a IRFP460 this means the IRF9130 may fail in the kind of circuit you're building.

IRFP460 not IRF460 however the two do seem quite similar.

I have done experiments using Tesla coils and resonant coils the max result is about half of the output power. I am still going to continue sometime with different forms of resonant circuitry.

What have you done regarding your attempts at gaining resonance and have you tried out TC receivers? I am close to obtaining all the parts in the schematic and any info relating to energy transmission as well as resonance between transmitter and receiver is desired.

Everything you need to calculate resonance of your two coils is on this site, just use the helical coil calculator then from that the LC resonant frequency calculator.

Yes I have played with TC receivers, you will have to play with the topload of the receiver to fine tune it.

have you by chance experimented with high voltage DC pulsed at extremely high frequencies though a magnetically quenched spark gap?

what effect did it have? I have read a lot about Tesla's coil transmitter and receivers, and one day desire to put my accumulated knowledge to use. first I want to put together a power supply that is able to stimulate cold electricity and have chosen to work with the basic joule thief design, but as of yet have been unsuccessful in making it work for me.

I chose a 1k variable resistor (using it as a none V) and a pvc cut off about 2 - 2 1/2'' also I tried a 1/4'' to no avail. the power is not being amplified or passing through the circuit as is should. I fiddled with a wire and found that the power is passing through the 2n3409 transistor. nothing i've done will make it do as it does in the youtube vid how to make a joule thief. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTAqGKt64WM i'm at a loss.

The effectiveness of the system was useless but I am yet to test other ideas.

I really don't know much about joule thief's, but you might like to try the circuit on this site, I've been meaning to try it sometime. This circuit would be interesting around a Tesla coil especially if the antenna is a resonant coil or possibly fractal. 

The other ideas I am yet to test involve these, I find them much more interesting than Tesla coils because the circuit can be manipulated more to do other things like receive power.

it took me a while, i was able to figure out the connections of the bread board.

Q: would a simple reed switch be suitable to cause an electric pulse? or perhaps something else that via a AA would provide an electric arc at high frequency.

Please keep in mind, though i would like to use 12v car battery, i am only able to use 1.5v batteries as power source.

It is unlikely you will be able to power a Tesla coil with 1.5V batteries as well as an ignition coil. 6V lantern batteries will be able to do the job poorly (I used to use them, they worked fine for small scale Tesla coils).

A reed switch looks a lot like a relay if so it would be suitable to create an electric pulse (I have done it before whilst connected to a transformer), with the pulsing you should be able to connect it to an ignition coil and have you're power source. See this.

the intention i have is turn ordinary electricity into cold electricity and use the burst of power to drive the tesla coil and any other device that comes to mind.

Ordinary, is the burning type of electricity that comes from power lines or batteries. Cold Electricity, is produced when high voltage electricity is pulsed through a capacitor and spark gap of DC only. magnetically quenching the gap will blow out the electrons and leave only the aether or cold electricity. it is the rapid pulsations of high voltage bursts through the spark gap that is the key to making all of Tesla's truest tech become a reality.

i am unfortunate to be unable to apply my knowledge gained form researching, but in the very least i can depart what i've read to those who have the resources i do not.

could you or someone you know help me with a more pressing project I've been unable to acquire proper info in relation too?

Well, thank you for taking your time to look at it.
I suppose I should post it to Instructables. At least then, I might actually gain the answers I desire.
By the way, how does a person navigate this site when it seems to only give random suggestions. The search bar as I have tried, goes straight to google and is far less useful then using google to search this site.............I'm perplexed......

No worries and it's a bit odd that you're getting a google search thing with me it searches the site on the site not through google.

The 45kV only stops electricity flowing to the coil with the top terminal (in the diagram) the electricity flows through the bottom terminal. The other diode, I am honestly unsure but I know that if you use a IRFP460 it already has one built in.


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  1. The metal case is the Drain ( 3d terminal ) of the IRF9130.
  2. The Gate ( pin 2 ) goes to the 470 Resistor.
  3. The Source goes to +12V
  4. The 555 is oscillating about 100 Hz
  5. Tesla coils operate at RF you want current to flow over your skin not through it.
  6. Cold electricity ? 
  7. Joule thief's suck batteries dry and cannot power an E-bike !
  8. There is no such, good luck ;-)

i'm having some difficulty understanding the direction of power flow and the reason the 45kv is directed away from the Tesla coin connections. also what would the other diode be?

Do you know if there is a way to combine several 2n3904 transistors (i have 20) to increase the frequency as well as the voltage? I need as high a voltage output as possible.

Combining NPN transistors can only increase the current and slow down due to parallel junction capacitance.
Each collector must have a 1 ohm resistor in series as does each base require a resistor.

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I suppose I should take that as a compliment. to my understanding with all I've read, the same was made of the great man who gave us alternating current.

At the moment due to lacking of resources, it is indeed nearly improbable that I will achieve my goal/s of harnessing aether. but that's no reason to give up.

I desire to collect as much info as possible to obtain desired results, I have been researching for a few months shy of a year. At first I was attempting to learn the math to build a simple motor/generator, alas found my searches to be Extremely difficult. I need Exact math for intended designs, but only found answers to complicated to fully understand; simple is what i require.

this is the general idea of what I originally was trying to learn: http://freenergynow.blogspot.com/2011/07/combined-generator-and-motor-need-help.html

Will adding multiple 555 timers add to the frequency?
I want to be able to use Longitudinal waves with the Coil rather then simple RF.
Just look up Cold Electricity in reference to the greats of Electrical Engineering.
A Joule Thief by its self, no, but when configured properly will aid in powering 1.

Ether is Energy from the Natural Environment and Cold Electricity is a side effect.

Sorry man you have no grounding in electronics and that makes you a sponge for fun lies.

Try Logic, Don't you think the material you squeeze out here would be in production, available to all consumers,  if there was Real engineering behind the claims ? ?


Q: would a simple reed switch be suitable to cause an electric pulse? or perhaps something else that via a AA would provide an electric arc at high frequency.

Please keep in mind, though i would like to use 12v car battery, i am only able to use 1.5v batteries as power source.

if you have any info on cold electricity and how to obtain it please let me know, thanks.

i'm having some difficulty understanding the direction of power flow and the reason the 45kv is directed away from the Tesla coin connections. also what would the other diode be?

Sounds to me like you think you can get free energy from this setup, which you can't, ever.

not specifically, no. I intend to use the oscillator circuit to amplify, ever heard of cold electricity? Adams Motor, Bedini Motor, Nikola Tesla, T. Henry Moray? http://free-energy-info.co.uk