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full sized controller Answered

Hi guys i need help i bought a controller for guitar hero and im building a full sized body for it out of wood. I need some tips and tricks if you've got any and im open to all ideas. I haven't started yet so you can give me body ideas too if you want i was thinking like a Frontman body or a Gibson les paul or the warlock guitar (Google search the warlock guitar in images it looks really cool) but that would be hard. -themuppetmafia


this is gonna look awesome when your done!

I like Strats or Teles. They are both good, but also try an sg

I was thinking of doing this, but make an exact copy of the Gibson SG. My plan was to make the neck in two parts (fretboard and neck) then hollow out the neck (for switches) and cut the fret board (ie. the end result would be pushing down on the fret would be equivalent of pushing down on button). For the body I was going to get a piece of 2x4, cut it to lengths of about 30-40cm and join together to create one flat square (using biscuit joints). To get the shape of the body, you simply use a jigsaw to cut out the shape, then plane and sand to get the bevels. Just a hint - to make the guitar feel real, spend a lot of time on it to make it look real - being a perfectionist pays off.

I'd say a Strat or Strat copy, it's comfortable and something like an L.P weighs a ton.

You should make a Warlock, I have one of those in real life. If you do make it, add in kill switches. If you don't know how to do that, it's an Instructable, just type in Buckethead in the search bar and it should show up, it's by KevinSaw. Also, make it really cool, add in as much cool stuff as you can.

Are you attaching a completely new neck made out of a foreign material? I'd definitely like to see the project when you are through with it. Personally I would make a strat body shape, I know its not outrageous, but my Fender Stratocaster is very comfortable and works wonders for me. My advice is to pick what you feel comfortable playing best. Also remember the difficulty of sculpting the body, if you are a beginner you might wanna try something simple.

I'm not sculpting the body really I'm drawing the shape on two pieces of plywood and then im going to take some 1 inch square cubes and line the edges then i would screw them in and sand them to make them round to make them match the contours of the body. sorry if you dont understand its hard to explain. and ya a Strat would be fun. my only problem is the way im building it it wont be very heavy so any ideas on how to make it heavier? thanks for replying oh and do you think i should make it into a Instructable?

You could hollow out the body maybe and fill it with lead strips, I think you can get them at hobby stores, they help to make pinewood derby race cars heavier for competition. You should make an Instructable, it will be one of the coolest GH mods on the site, LED Keys non withstanding.

oh and for the neck i think im going to have to just make it out of wood to.