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fun question Answered

if you were stranded on an island and you could bring two things what would you bring?
you are on a island with lions and many bugs. also there is no trees on this island.
i know what i would bring 2 full refrigerators.

rule # 1: you cant bring any planes or cars or trucks or cruise ships.

rule # 2: if you bring a refrigerator you can only bring one piece of food cause the question is " what two items would you bring" the key word is "'two items'.

rule # 3: no electronics!


That brass lamp that's been sitting on my shelf for 20 years and makes spooky sounds when I rub it. That and a big bag of weed

No they aren't, not non chemical drugs like said bag of dope, coke and meth and shit like that is bad, eats your brain.

weed is still illegal for a reason and its bad veeeeeeerrrrrrryyyyyyyyy bad for you

This obviously coming from someone that hasn't ever done it. Smoking ciggeretes is worse bud.

no drugs kill brain cells = making you dummer. yes smoking is bad but its abou the same

Actually smoking one spliff kills 4 brain cells whereas smoking a cigarette kills 7. Either that or the newspaper has been lying to me again...

ya everything in the newspaper is true *rolls eyes*


Hmmm well if it paralized me when I smoke it, I would have an aweful time getting up to get food for my munchies, which I seem to be able to do.

And God looked around at his creation and saw it was good, then he realises: "Oh my (me), I left pot everywhere! Now people are going to think they should use it or something? Now I'm going to have to create Republicans..." (Bill Hicks) Drugs are bad, m'kay? (Mr Mackey)

That's Genesis 1:29-31 again. The good LORD groweth all thy dope.

a chair!(i'll tame them all!) and volley ball that i can make my best friend I shall call him wilson.

Ice-pops and a deep freezer. MMMM!

id bring a cardboard box to play in.and a genie to wish for a plane, pilot, and a cardboardboxto replace the one i left for jerry, my lion friend, to play with on the island.


10 years ago

i would bring anything i wanted to bring

I would have to say two hot girls

probably a sharp machete and a water purification system if i was being logical- the machete to kill the lions, fillet them, cut down some trees to make a shelter and start a fire to cook the lions and keep away the other ones and the water purifier to remove the salt from the sea water so it was safe to drink and so i could season the lions with the salt :P.

but for fun a life times supply of sherbert ..mmmmm...sherbert and a mountain of clean junk metal (including nuts and bolts and tools) for me to tinker with so i could make a boat and get off the island. NOW SAY THAT IS AGAINST THE RULES, I DARE YOU!!

A stripper and a lifetime supply of circus Peanuts, now all I need is a way to build a lawn chair

There are no "welder recovery programs" run by ex-welders, but there are "exotic dancer recovery programs" run by ex-exotic dancers. 'nuff said.

why would they need recovery programs? (strippers)

I don't know all the reasons, though you could look up exotic dancer recovery programs and find out for yourself.

That would be akward if my parents came in and saw what i was looking for

Ahahaha! Right. Well, apparently an extreme majority of strippers can only go out and "do their thing" if they are hopped up on alcohol or drugs or both. So imagine at least part of the recovery program is substance abuse recovery. I read a couple white papers on the subject a while back from a sociology website. If I find the link I'll mention it. Otherwise, I can't remember, I can only guess that selling one's virtue for money would get to you eventually.

True true true, I couldn't dance half naked on a pole in front of a bunch of creepy men

Okay... That makes a heck of a lot of sense. Not! There are also 'cult recovery programs' for people that were brainwashed by religion.

my god damned hippie ass, fat ass, religious as shit, fuckwadd cousin needs that!!!

I was thinking of that as I typed it. I love the old-skool "Not!" Awesome. :) Well, anyways, from the white papers I've read on strip clubs, the owners are up to no good, the women get mistreated something beastly, and the guys that are regulars seriously damage their relationships. Anyhoo .. . just my thoughts since you asked.

Although, am I a Holy-roller? Hmmm . . . maybe I should delete my comments. meh.

cause they are more easy then using you knife to take off the insulation from a wire

life time supply... methiinks that goes over the two item limit. -_-

Fine a magical circus peanut bag that never gets empty BTW- I like your icon my friend has it on a shirt

You're not allowed...you may have your stripper (but why bother, you can just borrow the one I already requested?) and one peanut.

Oh I didn't know we were going to share the Island I'll bring a Desalinator and tent the size of a large house

why not bring a large house lol

but if you did that you could only have one item in it