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(game) You're banned! Answered

So the object of this game is to ban the person above you for a random reason. I saw this on another forum I was on and thought it would be fun!


Your all banned cause i was first to rate. MWAHAHAHAH

  • i win

You're banned cuz i rated 5 too, and when there was only one rating (presumably yours) it said 3-point-something

Ahhh. well your banned cause the rating system is weird... I think it's there to stop people just making another account and rating their i'bles 5* so to get to close to 5 (i don't think it's possible) you need lots of high ratings.

You're banned for calling the rating system weird!

dayum.. :) well your banned for ringing into this delightful and entertaining banned conversation!


9 years ago

I ban you all for being fleshy meatbags.

You're banned for calling everyone fleshy meatbags!


9 years ago

Everyone is banned cos I said so

you're banned for making a lame, over used reason. you will get priviliges to use the web site again next febuary 78th

you are banned for using an improper date

You are banned for pointing out that he was using an improper date.


9 years ago

You are banned for suggesting meat-filled pastries.

You are banned for suggesting MY "meat-filled pastries"

you are banned for not giving me any meat-filled pasteries

your banned for no patience, it's hard to blend meat and fill pastries with said meat

your all banned!!! becaues i donut ka-no

You are banned for sacrilegious naming of doughnuts. You are double banned for spelling purposes of doughnut. You are triple banned for improper capitalization. You are quadruple banned for using unnecessary and missing punctuation. You are quintuple banned for spelling know badly and with a hyphen. You are sextuple banned for not having a picture. You are... um... Banned!

you're banned for farting and blaming it on a leather chair. what did leather ever do to you? huh? thought so.

Your banned cause i said your all banned

DoNoTincinerate, You are banned because you dared visit another forum. We demand loyal paying customers here!

caitlinsdad, you are banned for banning traitors

you are banned for ummm banning

youre banned cuz your momma said so :-P

you banned cuz mr moustash said so mr moustash -> :{]

your banned cuz mr moustash got killed by your mom 3 yrs ago.


You are banned for missing Mr Moustash

Your banned for reminding me of mr moustash!! AGAIN

You are banned for entertaining the thought you have the ability to ban me.

Oh no! I thought I would be the first to survive. I would have at least
won a badge! *sigh* oh well. goeon, your banned for even making
a username

you're banned for hurting other peoples feelings.

You're banned beacuse jedi pen-gui-n says: you're banned for using bad grammar

our banned for sending squad cars on people you want watched. and including the copyrighted instructables robot in your picture. (or is it copy righted?)

caitlinsdad, you are banned for not putting a space in your name!

Darth Gecko Man, you are banned for disregarding my total ban and excessive use of more than one space in your name!