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garage door opener was used for a rope gate, what can i use it for now? Answered

 I have a garage opener, commercial grade that opened a wire "gate" across my lane to deter people from driving up to my house. It has a metal wheel welded onto it to wind the cable and it's in a little hut (gatehouse) to keep it from the weather. I have a few remotes for it. Now that I have moved, what can I do with this $500 garage door opener? I will take a photo next time I'm over there.


Use it as a winch motor to power a retractable tv mount. Make your flatscreen (if you have one LOL) appear from behind your dresser at the push of a button.

Another gate opener I suppose> I need to go over there and photograph so it's clearer.

You could use it for quite a few things, any suggestions we make are shots in the dark on what you may need/want it for. Give us a little idea about what your thinking and it might help. The first thing I thought of was useing it to raise and lower a awning over a deck. But if you don't have one my suggestion is kinda pointless. So throw us a frickin bone here