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Knex coaster, The Avenger. Answered

This is my first knex roller coaster I am currently working on, I will make a slide show of it when it is completed.

Please tell me what you think! Oh yeah and, can you guys help me with the name, it must be the best you can think of?


Are you still doing this or did your bro need the pieces for SCREAM!

I kinda don't have a big interest in knex coasters so I didn't build it for awhile then he asked if he could break it, so yeah pretty much.

a name:

An avenger is someone who takes vengeance, you know, someone kills your brother, you kill that person, vengeance

he, you used it, thanks, here is your reward:


 thats pretty good look at this, this is my first http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PV7ZAh1C9Rc

Im sorry I can't do youtube but im sure its cool!


*face on keyboard*

 Wasn't this forum just a bunch of random letters an hour ago?

yup it was, i wasnt planning to keep it up hehe

Thank you!

And i will update it sooner or later

Is this you or TBM?


8 years ago

not bad!