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glazed or unglazed terra cotta for smoking? Answered

looking to make a terra cotta smoker. have found pots at home depot but they have a light clear glaze all around it. will this make any difference? sales men said it was "fired' on not painted. any help would be great thanks!?


If it really is a fired glaze, you're fine as long as it's lead-free and food safe. If it's not food safe, it's probably still OK since the food won't actually be in contact with the glaze, but you should be aware of the potential risks.

I'm not sure I'd  necessarily trust the HD employees to identify a fired glaze from a painted gloss coat unless there's a tag on the iten that says so. Some of the folks at the Depot are really knowledgeable, others not so much.

I'd go with unglazed, just to be safe.

Fired glaze is bonded to the terra cotta permanently and is hard wearing and water tight.

Shouldn't be a problem.