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gmjhowe - The Cybertopian Workshop Answered

Hello all,

A few of you may remember we making a cheap quick handgun to sell on ebay. Because i only spent about 4 hours on it, it looked kinda shoddy, and did not sell.

However, i need to clear some stuff out. So i am going about selling my projects off. So, ive set up an Etsy shop, i intend to sell the following via that shop, in this order, anything that doesn't sell, im going to flog on ebay.

Here's whats going up for sale.
That is all.

- gmj

/shameless plug



9 years ago

Oh, man...you sell these?!?

I should make another cyberpunk pistol and try to make some quick bucks myself...

You have to watch it, if it doesn't look good quality, it wont sell. Also, i has to be different...

Nice, too expensive for me. D=

looks good cept it needs Mo4r Cowbell!!!!!1

Coolzo ill check it out