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going to make a wood burner from a Propane bottle i have opened the valve to let any gases Answered

making a stove from gas bottle and would like to confirm how to fill bottle with water to dispell any residue gases before taking valve off ?


You take the valve off before you fill it with water.


You are wise to be concerned. Someone I know was seriously injured while attempting to cut a tank that they thought was empty. Due to an inefficient method of clearing the tank of gases, there was some residual propane left and the sparks from the cutting torch caused an explosion. So, take caution in using anyones advice (including mine) as the only person who can be responsible for your safety is you.

That being said, the procedure I'm familiar with, (that I have also read from numerous sources) say to open the valve and then turn the tank upside down and leave this to sit overnight (some sources suggest even longer). Then you'll need to remove the valves and fittings. They won't be easy to remove, so take caution to not create sparks during this step. After the parts have been removed, fill the tank with water (from a garden hose) until the water is overflowing from the opening. Drain the water from the tank and repeat this step. At this point any remaining propane will have been purged, and you can drain the water.

Thank you for your answer it as confirmed what I needed to know. Thanks again.

You're welcome. It's always better to be safe than sorry. I'm glad I could confirm this information for you.

Don't worry about it, make sure the valve is wide open and leave it for a day: It is impossible to form an seriously explosive mixture of propane and air after that. .


Thank you for comment its as confirm what I needed. thanks.