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good bye everyone Answered

Just kidding! I'm actually going to a resort leaving tomorow morning, coming back saturday evening, c ya later guys!


I'm back!!! I go away from instructables for 3 and a half days and look what happens to the site, someone update me with all of the new stuff, please.

Ermm, the site went all skeewiff and is now fixed, caitlinsdad found the culprit to be miko as usual... ermm, some stuff happened, not much I think, apart from my little jet revolution, in the comments etc. three people have made similar jets. Umm goodhart found some amusing videos... a school changed to water in cool bottles no more waste place has been green enough lately...

Oh, they decided they needed to be categorised (so did I) sooo they re-arranged themselves. ;-)

it's alright, just need some time to get use to, it's wierd seeing everthing shifted over more to the right of the screen

someone is impersonating gimmelotsarobots, calling themselves gimmelotsorobots, and said they were leaving. otherwise, nothing

AHH first the imposter kiteman now you! have fun anyways....

i wonder how annoyed the imposter would be if i revealed his true identity? bwahahahahahahahahahaha oscar: bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. ha, i win

They revealed themselves, remember?

but the topic got deleted shortly after, didnt it?

By the perpetrator, on my advice, to let things calm down (they were terribly upset by the outrage expressed by certain members)

i already justified my outrage on the now deleted thread.

ooo, I get to chaperon a bachelor party for my nephew the week before his wedding (this coming Sunday).....Oh well, it gets me out of the house anyways.

It'll be the first time I have ever attended a major league baseball game...the excitement grows :p

Wrong end of the state :-) This is the Phillies and the Cubs....not to mention the forecast rain....*sigh*.....just my luck too.

have a nice trip.


10 years ago


Have fun!!

Not that many people really know me, but I'm heading away for four (4) weeks leaving Monday.

Have fun! I wish I was going to a resort...

My resort is Instructables HQ this Sunday. :-) Maybe possibly Yuri's Night. ;-)

See ya when you're back with an instructable or two hopefully...

When I first saw the topic I was like, WHAT!? Anyway, have fun!

I'm going to wyoming thursday through friday Have fun!