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gorilla glue Answered

How strong is gorilla glue? I am trying to make my knife stronger by putting some gorilla glue on the tang of my knife and putting it into a wooden handle. Would this make for a super strong hold?


this is how strong it is. my brother had some about three to four years ago and he spit about a drop r two on the table and now to this day we cant get it off

The knife was a folding knife so the tang is about 1 inch long. I have the original rivet from the handle that the knife would pivot on but I made a fixed blade handle for it and I needed something to keep it from wiggling around. (The knife would pivot on the rivet a little.) You can see that there is a rivet in the first pic that keeps the knife on the handle but it still moved up and down a small amount. thats why I wanted to use the glue because the tang is to small for another rivet.

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Ahhhh...Ive done the same thing many times. What I always did was put a guard at the base of the blade then pin it. Then I would do a second smaller hole and use a nail or brass rod to stabilize it.

Gorilla glue foams up and sets with water-you may have to run a damp cloth over the wood to make sure that there is enough water to set the glue. It should work fine in your knife, but cleaning up the excess (and what foams out) can be a problem : ) Best bet might be to scrape it off after it gels but before it hardens.

i used it and it is super strong now

Only if the tang is a tight fit, the foamed up glue is very weak, I'd use a slow cure epoxy myself.

I was going to use the epoxy but it said that it was for plastic material and stuff. It didnt say anything about metal. BTW I used the gorilla glue with some water and it is super strong. I can cut 1 inch thick wood without the blade moving.