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graphene integrated into clothing? Answered

So i had an idea: i wanted to integrate graphene into clothing to make clothing more durable.

this guy shows how to make the stuff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FlCvZvzDPM

any ideas on how to get the graphene into clothing?


There was somebody on this forum, about a month ago, asking about wearable graphene,


for, like, bulletproof armor, or something like that.

I am guessing he wants to fight crime, or maybe commit crimes. I dunno. It's probably something like that.

I mean bulletproof super armor seems like a bit much for just hanging around the house, watching Youtube videos.


How much do you know about the properties of Graphene?

Which property do you think will be advantageous?

the heat conductivity, the flexibility and the durability.

Graphene is brittle, by definition either thin atom thick plates or nano tubes and so relatively expensive. I am not so sure it would be durable.

Unless you can develop a way to make Graphene thread i think your limited to layering plates like armour.

The rest is up to you.

I think that, if anybody reading this know how to integrate graphene into clothing, they will be jealously guarding that knowledge to preserve their commercial edge.