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gray water storage to water lawn ? Answered

I live on a  small farm and  was  thinking  of   using  gray water  towater   my lawn and  field. I  have  5 kids   in the  house and we  wash a tremendous  amount fo  laundry.  My thought s were to   install a large   tank  behind  the house in  the edge of the field and  piping  my  gray water  and  rain water from the  house into the  tank  and  use for irrigation.
My concerns  are  

1. i have heard   that   if you allow    gray   water to stand for   as little as  24 hours   it will  go septic which is bad. What of  you  placed  some  type  of  small pump to circulate   the water  say   three  rounds  minimum   every   eight hours   or  so . Could  this  stop  things  form   going septic
2.the goal is   that if   it is raining  today    i need to store the water  at least a few  days    without   itgoing  septic to benefit me.

Any ideas  anyone?



If you've got a good climate, reed beds are seriously cool ways to process water. Reckon on a cubic metre of bed per person.



7 years ago

Something to think about: gray water from laundry, especially with 5 kids, WILL have fecal contamination, so some kind of treatment will be necessary if you are planning on using it on your veggie crop. The same thing applies with gray water from the tub or shower. Proceed with caution.

to a point i agree ,but to a point i disagree . i think if limited to laundry and shower whichi am most interested in that the amount if any of fecal matter woudl be very low. I know for years it was common practice to discharge in th country thelaundry water to what was called a "Sink drain" basically across the field. I am a little shy on watering vegetable s though to me it kind of seems nasty . The lawn or field i think would be a great place to use the water and the rain water instead of wasting it. My biggest concern is finding a way to contain the water overa week or so.

...and besides,grey water is loaded with soaps and detergents, a not conducive environment for fecal bacteria.

http://www.watermaticltd.co.uk/greywater-recycling.html might help you

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