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gtx 750 ti 4gb or gtx 950 2gb for gta 5 Answered

so i need some help because my friend wants to build a pc with me but we cant decide between the graphics card 750 is cheaper and has more mEmory and gta needs a lot of graphics memory so i think 750 is better just nedd your advice please help




2 years ago

Also look at the type of ram. Some cards use DDR3, others use GDDR5. GDDR has higher latency but has better read/write speeds and is optimized for graphics, hence why it is called "Graphics Double Data Rate." Also the numbering system between normal ram and graphics ram can't be compared as explained in this video.

You can easily calculate how much RAM the framebuffer will need. Each pixel on the screen needs 3 bytes of data, one byte for each sub pixel. if you use a 1920*1080 (1080p) monitor then the framebuffer needs 3*1920*1080 = 6220800 bytes of RAM, or 6.2 MB. That is just so the computer can "remember" what needs be drawn on screen. Think of that as the artist's canvas.

If you're playing on 1 monitor @ 1080p then 2gb is plenty and you'll want the improved speeds and core count of the 950. Looking at benchmarks for both cards (Passmark) you can see the difference. 750 Ti: 3685 vs 950: 5243.

Additional video memory amount , for the most part, helps you play at higher resolutions or on more monitors at once.

Honestly if I were you I'd wait until June/July when the new nVidia cards start hitting the market. This should drive down prices of the 900 range and you might consider looking at second hand 970's or higher from people upgrading to the 1000 series for similar prices as these cards new. Also AMD just anounced the RX 480 which is going to be a $200 card that's equivalent to a GTX 980 (meaning VR ready as well). It looks like it launches late June. It's also possible that nVidia will slash 900 series prices in response or release a 1060 to compete with the RX480, if you're committed to a brand.

ok thank you for the response ihave a 960 2gb on every other game it gets ultra settings but on gta i can only play at lowest chold that be becase of memory