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guess who bought a jeep Answered

Yeah i bought a new jeep last weekend. i would have gone with something a little more fuel economical but cars ride too low to the ground. (i live in the sticks) plus i figure i can haul stuff with it, women, dead hookers, and general stuff i have accumulated over the years. its an 08 jeep liberty. i got it for less than invoice and the dealer is throwing in free leather seats. other than that tire i had to buy this morning so far i like it. (i ran over a nail and it punctured the sidewall, but i bought tire insurance so it wont happen again) i took a pict of it with my camera at night time with a 15 sec shutter its the only good picture i have



Aww, I saw the title and I was expecting an old Willys-design. Anyhoo....

I wanted a jeep wrangler, but hold onto to your knickers, they only get like 16 MPG!

LOL I make that same dead hooker "joke" all the time.

It was a joke?

Gently replaces phone on hook, disconnecting call to Interpol...

It was a joke, dont hold me responsible if any hookers come up dead or missing, unless of course im currently in possession of the ear.

You are indeed fortunate...

Jeeps are great, my family owned one for many years. They hold up very well.

yeah my mom got hit in the side by a truck in her jeep, it only damaged 2 doors, in a compact car it would have totaled it. they are pretty rugged

Lucky! Congrats, have fun with it