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guitar hero drums white plugs? Answered

what are guitar hero drums white plugs that connect to circuit board what are they called? any part number for it?


just worked it out the plugs are called
"JST 2.0 PH 2-Pin Connectors"
can get them on ebay in bulk wired or not. whew.... :)

Hey, nice job. :-)

I didn't have as much patience I guess... You'd think they would just tell you what the part numbers are and give you the proper names. I know the connector end itself isn't that "unique", but to get the right fit, you have to have the right size. Do you know what the width was in millimetres? I had found several, but they all varied by a few tenth's or hundredth's of a millimetre (and I don't have one here to reference anymore).

i saw this on ebay this is close as im gonna get in measurements see ebay item 181003055745 (does one person need so many of these lol) or these pics from the ebay item showing dimensions i checked it to my plug it matches, Cheers. |;-)

JST 2.0 PH 2-pin Connector Plug.JPGJST 2.0 PH 2-pin Connector Plug 2.JPGJST 2.0 PH 2-pin Connector Plug 3.JPG

i bought these jst 2.0 Ph connectors works perfectly with white ports on GH's circut board. done 2 so far works well no probs.

Awesome... Here's a thought; how about making an Instructable where you show people how to repair their cymbal cables (perhaps making it extra long?), and of course, give them some pointers on where they can get the connectors.... If you do a good job documenting it (photos, write up), and get featured, you'll get FREE Pro-Membership and then you can download pdf's/epub files of ANY Instructable on the site (as well as a few other perks, like way LESS Ad's).

Here's a link to the Featured Checklist. Members who feature Instructables (like me) use it as a reference in judging Instructables. :-)

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Its probably not worth just buying the connector end (and then soldering it) especially if you figure out afterwards that the wire inside was shot too...

You can get the whole cymbal cables online fairly cheaply, or shop around.

i'm tring to find out the plug so i can make my own wire from scratch seems to be on the lines of "wire to board connectors", but which one? (so Many)

thanks for the suggestion though.

I've never seen a connector plug by itself for sale that says its for guitar hero. They all seem to be the full cables. I know that many people have made their own (so they could use a lot longer wires), but they all seem to reuse the connector. So if you no longer have that white plug, I don't think you can avoid buying the entire cable (unless you can find the plug from someones broken stuff). If what you want is a longer cable, just check online, there are longer ones if you look around.