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halloween photo contest Answered

I made this costume for hallloween


Thank you so much I am new here I hope I posted this right .

That is excellent - have you got any documentation on how you made it? Photos of the various stages? If you have, turn them into an Instructable, enter that into the contest as well.

Hello, thank you. I only have the information that I wrote down with the picture on how I made it. I have another creature picture that I have made, before it was painted. I did not know about this site until a few day ago. I could possibly add that one. The contest you mentioned, how do I enter it?

Just to make it clear : it's not a photo contest.
It's an instructable contest on the Halloween theme.

To enter this contest, you have to write an instructable that gives detailed information (with pictures) about how you made your costume.
The instructable has to be a mean to teach others how to reproduce your costume.

Once you made this Instructable, you add it to this group :

Thanks you for the info .Sory I did not know you needed so much detail. I can remove it if you would like me too . If anyone has any questions I would be happy to give then more info. I was hoping to enter the photo contest I did not realize this was not the category.

Actually, you are right, there is a "Photo Contest".
I did not entirely read the rules of this new contest ... My mistake ...

There are 3 ways to participate to this contest :
- make an instructable (with all the detailed explanations)
- show photos (don't need more details)
- show a video (don't need more details)

The two last (simples photos and video) are quite unusual for a contest on this site, that's why I told you so many details were required ... but that's not the case if you only want to enter the "photo contest".

As stated into the rules :

To enter the photo contest you simply have to :
- Post your pictures to the DIY Halloween flickr pool and tag them DIYHalloween.
- Create a forum post in the DIY Halloween 2007 group and attach your photos (that's what you did).
- Email them to make.magazine at gmail(dot)com.

Normally, you did what was required to participate. You don't need to do more.
Read the rules again to be 100% sure.

Part of the contest is a photo contest. You submit a picture of what you did:

"To make it even easier to join the party, we're also accepting your stand-alone pictures and videos! This gives you more ways to win even if you can't document the whole project."

LOL ! Wow ! I should have read the rules (despite I will not participate).
Allowing "stand-alone picture and videos" is a quite unusual rule ... =o)

Thank you for the info. I sory i dont have detail picture i only have one wich i will add . thanks

Could you please tell me were I would enter the photo contest your talking about. That is what I wanted to do ,what would i look under to enter.