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happy pi day! Answered

for me, maybe not for you it is pi day today!

march 14 is pi day (3/14)

check out these links for more pi




have fun :P

edit: okay, maybe you didnt know this yet but pi day was over a month ago now!


is this pi day at the middle school in welsey chapel?

Next year will be an interesting trio of dates:
13 - Friday the 13th
14 - Pi Day
15 - Ides of March

Look it up on Wikipedia
Its the day 1/2-way through March, in the traditional Roman calendar.

It's spring break here, but we had it last friday. We had to go pi caroling

...pi caroling...

Will you be eating mince pies afterwards?

Sounds like someone is pi-eyed.... ;-)

Last Friday?

You celebrated pi day on 3.07?

But... but.. what's the point then?

well, we had to celebrate, and here's it's spring break so yeah... we sang oh pi day to the toon of oh christmas tree

formality and bragging rights. i had a funny pi day; half the class was exited, the other part called the exited people stupid no-lifers.

you should see the funny looks i get because i know pie by heart farther than the caluclators do. so funny.

We had a party in class. :D

A few math classes in my school are having parties. Not my math class...

One of the classes at my school had pie, of course, it wasn't my class.