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has anybody made a hot-air gun out of a soldering iron and a hair-dryer?? Answered

I searched around and but there are 'ibles using desoldering irons and vacuum pumps; not actual soldering irons.
I wanted a hot-air gun for desoldering an SMD chip.


a hairdryer works at 800-1500W
A heat gun works at between 2000W-6000W,ive seen some at the hardware store, 6000W

Probably not.

First, a soldering iron (an electronic one) just delivers not enough heat. Even big ones are around 100W. Their job is to heat up a limited area without stressing the areas further away too much

Second, a hair dryer delivers A LOT of moderately heated air. It's the air flow, not the heat that does the drying. Too much heat would kill the hair and release a nasty smell.

So, in combination, you would get a lot of very moderately heated air. A warm breeze, if at all. 

A desoldering gun needs just a bit of air, but very hot air.

Anyway, do not try to reduce the airflow of an air dryer. They use the airflow to cool the heating coil enough to keep them from burning.

my hair dryer has a "cold' setting where the coils do not heat up. Wouldn't there be sufficient heat if i use part of the airflow of the hair dryer, make it pass over my soldering iron draped in a long coil of wire(for heat accumulation and transfer) and ending in a little spout(for concentrating the airflow) and holding it long enough over the soldered pads??

Yes, that's how desoldering guns work. The tricky part would be to balance heat and airflow and pack all the stuff in a manageable form factor.

+1 Almost all (likely all) hair dryers have a thermal switch in them. When they get too hot they shut off and will not turn on again until they cool down. I have often used one for drying out boots and if you put it to far into th eboot it overheats and shuts off. It's how they are made.

Buy one of the little propane powered catalytic ones, they're very effective.

You'll be hardpressed to get enough power from a soldering iron tip.