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has anyone done the DIY solar progam Answered

just wanted to see if someone has bought the diy solar program offered by greendiysolar or 4earthsolar or something like that was the program worth the money ?


Commercial Solar Panels are Expensive!
Fact: It will take you more than 10 years to pay back
Solution: Using Surplus Solar Cells You can get pay back in 1-2 years
There is an Engineer from Chicago his name is John Sommer
He explain it All in his diy solar panels Blog Search for him using Google
Type "top diy solar panels" Open the first Result.
Note: Ignore the adds at the top.

There are currently no alternative energy products that will 'pay off' in a reasonable amount of time - they will however reduce your carbon footprint, bills, and sometimes taxes and carbon credit fees etc...

Currently for photovoltaics the return on investment time is between 15-80 years...assuming you use a consumer grade system to most of its peak for an average installation. The silicon panel itself is about 7 dollars per watt for just the panels - this does not include storage batteries, electronics, and installation.

so...all in - put it at 10 dollars per watt.
electricity is worth 5-20 cents per kilowatt hour
thats (5 to 20 cents)/1000 hours @ 1 watt
$10/$.05 = 200 * 1000 hours = 200,000 hours break even at 5c
8333 days
22 years... assuming no maintenance costs, perfect efficiency, and perfect utilization...

is it a good thing to do? yes. Is it financially wise? not until prices come down.

some systems don't need batteries, they just put the excess power back into the grid, and at night, use power from the grid

those are only available in some jurisdictions, with rediculous laws like 'thanks for putting in the grid, but we will neither pay you for your contribution, or subtract it from your bill" - so it pays off exactly zero. It's like that here, in Alberta, Canada - oil rich means no good green laws. Net metering is awesome if available - but then that increases your installation cost for needing the net meter and grid synchronized inverter. Thankfully some places actually will give you the equipment...

if you did put power back into the system, the solar panels would pay off faster

I say again - thats net metering you are referring to. Some places will pay you to put into the grid - still most will not.