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has anyone ever tried to make the magnetic generators? Answered

see on net all time about free electricity with magnets. want to know if anyone has had success with this or is it even worth trying to build.


Sounds interesting, might make a generator one day, I did make a home made water battery that uses no salts, acids nor chemicals, and can power led lights or wall clocks and so on, Im selling the plans on my website.

I think this is the kind of question that you have to answer for yourself, because you can't really get a straight answer out of anyone.

Those who answer in the negative, usually point to the laws of thermodynamics. 
But that won't be very meaningful to you if you have not studied thermodynamics, or even basic physics.

Those who answer in the positive, usually appeal to folklore, i.e. an account, or anecdote, or set of plans, or a video on Youtube.  They say, look here!  It can be done! Here is someone doing it!  e.g.

But the problem with those stories, is that you're left wondering: is the story really true, or is it fiction?  

You might be wondering the same thing about the Laws of Physics.  Is
Thermodynamics true?  Or is it just a story?

So you came here, to the gurus of the Answers forum, asking are the stories true?  But unfortunately, the only answer any of us can give you is necessarily another story.

I claim that the only way to truly find an answer to this question is through experimentation.

You ask, "is it even worth trying to build?"  And the answer to that depends on your criteria for success.  Is failing at something worth the effort, if it can inform you of a new way that doesn't work?

Anyway, check out the links to Peswiki, and also the links to the Wikipedia articles on physics and thermodynamics.  Also don't be afraid to experiment.  You might learn something.

For more of the same, check out the competing anti-explanations of Richard Feynman and Insane Clown Posse, both telling us they don't really know how magnets work.

Noone has had success making 'free' energy with just magnets - you need a 'free energy' source such as wind, solar, gravity/water cycle to power a magnetic generator.

No system has ever output more energy than has been input, ever. Anyone claiming otherwise to date is lying.

"but theres a video!"

so what is the video talking about? nice

I'm sure you've seen the tripod mount very selective angle shots of a pice of plastic with just magnets mounted where they start it moving and then it goes faster and faster by itself... They never show it from both sides (where the motor driving the thing is hiding)...

yeah sure i've seen it. LOL. i felt stupid when i watched this video. And the comments below were so funny, oil companies will seize this thing etc.......

Magnets moved in close proximity to a coil of wire = electricity - all you need is energy to move the magnets.

Free energy is a myth. i.e with no energy input to the system.

Yes people have tried, and if you're looking at things that get driven by wind for example, they have succeeded too.