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has anyone made a cell phone charger from a head phone jack? Answered

I saw on a prison show somebody had rigged a cell phone charger, and it charged in the headphone jack port... Any body else thought of doing that, or something similiar?


So you mean something like this? (which slowly charges a device from the small amount of current created from a headphone jack)

If that's the case you're better off buying one than making is as the separate parts will be mare expensive than the gadget.  However it won't work very well at all-- a headphone jack puts out at most 2 watts of power wich will take a full day to charge your phone.  Better off not spending the money at all and bying something like a mintyboost.

Wouldn't work.  You couldn't just plug into the headphone jack.  It would have to go backwards thru the amp for that to work, unless you reworked the interior.  That would be almost impossible with a well stocked electronics shop let alone a prison cell.

Not everything you see on tv is real.  They have to make some of that up just so it's watchable.

Otherwise it would be just your everyday real life.

*some phones share a charging/data/headphone jack - my samsung for example; it does however use the proprietary connector, not a standard stereo headphone plug. - I could see this being misconstrued...but not really..

In the event that it's a standard port, then its bunk.