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has anyone made/know how to make a shoji folding screen to partition a room? or any alternatives? Answered

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Gorfram (author)2009-04-28
  • Bamboo or paper roll-up shade from import store, hung from ceiling
  • Curtain rod hung from ceiling with curtain (or other fabric) hung on curtain rings
  • Bead or bamboo curtain (hung from - oh, you get the idea... :)
  • Two or more largish hanging plants with lots of trailing foliage, along the line where you want to divide the room (this is what separates the sleeping & living areas in my own studio apartment).
  • A bookcase (or other piece of furniture) that looks good from both sides.
  • Three or four of those 15" or so louvered panels used for bifold closet doors, hinged together.
  • A refrigerator box with both ends cut out and the box opened along the seam; decorated with fabric, paint, or paper as strikes your fancy.
  • A wood, wicker or metal screen from a thrift store; cleaned, restored and recovered as needed and/or desired.

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cherishedpotato (author)Gorfram2009-04-30

thanks! the closet doors sound good. i'm reticent to put holes in the ceiling of the place i'm in, but i like your first alternatives anyway :)

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frollard (author)2009-04-22

make a frame and cover it with rice paper... use a light wood, cut at 45 degree angles at the edges, then glue it, screw it, etc together into the frame... piano hinge on multiple frames to connect them.

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