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havoc=picco z=venom micro rescue? Answered

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im pretty sure that the "havoc heli" and the "picoo z" are the same. the back of the box both say "silverlit", and the helis both look exactly alike. pleez give me your feedback on what ya think. thanx. edit: i found this thing at towerhobbies.com called the venom micro recue, and it has the same exact rotors and IR controller.

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thejrb (author)2007-12-10

Yes they are the same. Silverlit is the german marketing comany for spinmaster (the people who make the havoc).

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nerfer192 (author)thejrb2007-12-10

thanks. i own a havoc and not a picoo, so i wouldnt know, but guess what. the manual says what comes in the box. heli, controller, manual. the little pic of the manual actually says picoo on it.

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