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heWhat does annadized mean? Answered

I have heard this word a bunch but I don't know what this means. 


I think "annadized" means that your friend Anna passed away. Sad, but true.

Anodized, however, refers to a metal, typically aluminum, which has been coated via an electrolytic process.

thanks though i am not good at spelling from time to time


6 years ago

There is also hard anodized Al which not only accepts color dyes, is
mechanically rugged but can act as an electrical insulator that can withstand
a couple of hundred volts between the base metal and another dry electrical
conductor placed against the oxide interface.

Actually hard anodizing, Type III, typically only accepts black or dark green dyes since the pour size is much smaller. Type II, most common, can be dyed nearly any color.

Yes, you use very very cold acid in the anodising bath - hard anodising used to be done in Chromic acid, but that's banned now.


Annadizing is as Kelsey says.

Anodiding is the formation of a layer of ceramic on certain metals like aluminium and magnesium by making the metal the ANODE in a bath containing sulphuric acid, and running a current through it.

Actually its not a ceramic coating. Its a means of increasing the oxide layer on the surface of metal parts to increase there corrosion resistance. Often (in the case of aluminum) dies are added to give the metal various colors.

Actually, its aluminium oxide, or alumina, which is a ceramic......