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heads up Answered

 heads up just got a new camera  instructions for full auto gun should be up in 3 weeks or more maybe less btw thanks innovanna,knexinventer,and The Red Book of Westmarch for subing me



Your welcome. Now i expect big and great thingsnfrom you now!


5 years ago

What full auto would that be? If you don't mind me asking. It sounds very interesting though. I might follow you.

the full auto gun is from knexfreek360 he did not post instructions i made it from the pics it was very hard to it took 3 hours

Oh ok, it sounds like a cool gun. Did you post it already or something?

no i am still taking pic i did post a preview of it click on my name and you will see something say knex full auto gun if you dont know how to just tell me to put a link

Oh,okay. I thought that was an ible for it on your profile lol. I'm such a blonde.

it is a ible tell me if you look at it