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hello guys! am about to open a photo studio but my capital is too limited. Then could you help me in any way? Answered

Your help can be opinions about how to handle and manage studio business, how to get cheap accessories (home made) like studio lights, backdrops, soft box etc. Also you can help by giving some kind of direction, where to get more skills or if you got some you can share with me. Also i would be much grad if you could give some retouching software URL`s or even just mention thr names. Hoping from you.     


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rickharrisBest Answer (author)2010-10-08
If this is going to be a real business you may well be planning for doom if your starting up uncapitalised.

You can borrow money (it costs A LOT) and there is always risk involved - You can save the money to get started - you can start very small - little more than a hobby and move into a business when you have enough customers and work to make it viable -

It's not just having the basic equipment - some of which you may be able to put off until you need it. it a matter of being able to keep going whilst the business builds.

From a business point of view Try leasing, try to totally avoid anything you don't totally have to have.

Think about how your customers will view your business if it is a ramshackle - home made - bits of sticks and wood set up that looks neither professional or capable - No matter how good your photography ability your NOT going to impress potential customers.

Good products - Good final outcome - Well presented - Smart appearance - The willingness and ability to talk to people and sell your product - Understanding your market place - Understanding your customers -advertising - The right price (that may not mean cheapest) - 150% effort to make it work

All add up to a successful business

The business I started in 1989 ran successfully for 20 years and only closed this year so we could all retire.

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Re-design (author)rickharris2010-10-08

As a small business owner for 25 years I agree totally with what you said.

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frollard (author)2010-10-07

There are tonnes of instructables on Photography.  They can give you great ideas on DIY tech and techniques.

Business training/advice is important, as at the end of the day you have to make a living.  Getting started will always be slow because expenses are high and income is low.  Work cheap or free at the beginning to get your portfolio built up.  At the end of the day, make sure you're spending less money than you're making.  If you're not making any money, you'd better get creative with materials and costs.

Use a flickr, picasa, or deviantart free account to show your work.  When you get built up, open a website -- there are lots of website-in-a-box sites that will set you up with a domain name and technology to help with business.  I recommend Smugmug (smugmug.com) -- you upload your photos, and they sell them in print or calendar/mug/shirt etc form -- with a pro account you set the prices etc.  "do a photoshoot, upload pics, direct your client to use the website to order prints".

Hope that helps!

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pilo9609 (author)frollard2010-10-09

Thanx for ya helps! appreciate....

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Re-design (author)2010-10-08

Start it as a part time/spare time venture. Don't buy ANYTHING that you don't need right now. Work out of your house and don't rent an office or studio until you really need one.

Learn all you can about photography and business before you need it.

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