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help!! can someone give a wire diagram for 4 led's for a plastic model aircraft? Answered

I have a working plan to install 4 small leds(2 green,a red,and a white) in a 1/48 scale A-10 plastic model aircraft.I would like to have the red,1 green,and the white to all flash at the same time, with the other green to remain steady (for cockpit lighting).I just dont know how to wire it.I generally know what parts,and what voltage for the led's I need to get, I just need a wiring diagram.(this wire goes here,this wire goes there,etc.).I plan to install the red,green and white led's in the fuselage with either a small diameter clear plastic rod or fiber optic tube running to the wing tips and tail, with the other green installed under the cockpit floor. Can anyone help?? thank you.

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venom sixx (author)cryptopsii2009-05-19

Hey cryptopsii, please see the reply to lemonie. Your diagram looked helpful, but I could not understand it. Definately my fault,not yours. thanx again.

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lemonie (author)2009-05-18

This instructable might be useful for for the blinking:
I think I got this LED resource from frollard:
I can't give you specifics without knowing your LEDs and power supply.


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