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help fixing original modded xbox? Answered

ok so i set the startup menu to a non exsisting folder so when it starts it says "XBMC fatal error: invalid or missing<home>tag in xml-noskins found, or n" thats all it shows is it fixable if so what do i need to fix it where can i get those items any help is appriciated


Do whatever you did to install the dashboard in the first place. I hope you backed it up.

i cant because i did that on the xbox it was modded before i got it so if i have to hook it up to a computer how do i do that and do i need any programs?

You may have bricked it - check with the author of the mod you used - they may have a failsafe mode.

"check with the author of the mod you used" ... "they may have a failsafe mode"

hey i got the FTP to work im connected to my xbox what do i do from here tons of files is there a way to change the munue from on my computer?

Look up "FTP" for the modded Xbox

how do i look that up im sorry im new to this i dont no who modded it my bro had it done a while ago