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help! im trying to make a lego safe, but cant find any instructions......can someone give me links not youtube to some?? Answered

same as title...any instructions, that are NOT on youtube...my SUPER ANNOYING MUM WONT LET ME ON!......anyway, any instructions, i have started making the box.....thanks in advance!


if u wont to know how to make my lego safe with combanation lock and jigg go to this on google and youtube Lego Combination Safe Instructions its the first video u come to on youube i hope this help

P.S if u make it and do a vido your self i wont full credit thanx and good luk took me 2 hours to figer out how to make it and do the totorial video on the same day then build it bak lol

Ok, i understood that , but only after a while of translating. Pease use grammar.

i dont have the curve bits :(

Bummer! Do you have a LEGO store anywhere near you? Can you order them from LEGO online?

More to the point, did the answers below provide you with the information you wanted? If so, why haven't you marked one of them as "Best Answer"?

no, they havent provided the info i want.............and no i dont...im more of a knex person, i prefer knex, but lego safes are (genrally)stronger!

Then you should consider editing the question text to be more specific about what information you do want. And you might consider replacing your keyboard with one that has working shift keys, so you can write properly.