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help powering breast pump from ac adapter? Answered

i bought my wife a breast pump cheap off ebay and it didnt come with an ac adapter. it runs off of 2 aa batteries but that gets expensive. from research i know the one that is supposed to come with it puts out 3v and 500ma. i have an old one with the right plug but it puts out 9v and 600ma. i have various other "wall worts" but none put out 3v. is there a way to use a resistor to make this work? i can buy a new adapter from the company but its $25, which is 3 times what i paid for the pump. thanks for any help.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Take a trip to a large thrift store. Most of them have a section devoted to electronic/electrical appliances. You can almost always find a large selection of voltage transformers for a couple of dollars. Just get one that matches the specs you need and if necessary, you can splice on the plug you have at home.

these are all good answers. another related question for an electronics nerd. in DC motors does more voltage make the motor run faster and more amperage mean more torque or vice versa or neither. thanks dave

Once I had the same situation. The voltage transformer from the breast pump company was very expensive so I shopped around. I found a cheaper replacement in mpja.com
My son breastfed for six months and my daughter breastfed for a little over a year. I believe that the six dollars I paid for it was worth it.

You would have to determine if it's worth the cost of a wall wart or just continue to purchase batteries. Of course your wife wouldn't need to use the breast pump for more than 6 Months.

Radio Shack was a 3v dc 500ma supply on sale right now for $9.99.

Or you could invest in a Universal Power Supply. It could be used for multiple devices. But it's $19.99.

You could search eBay for power supplies.

You could do it with a $1 voltage regulator ? Using a resistor is a very bad way to do it, and might even damage the pump.