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help wiring 12x 10w led chips Answered

I just bought 12 SMD white led. i want to make a distraction device for airsoft. I got the LEDs but now I need some newbie friendly help to connect these light and get a proper power supply for these. I don't know how much power will I be needing for them.
Here are the details of the led lights from the ebay page
Voltage: 9-12V / 900mA Chip: Genesis's LED 30Mil chip
Luminous Flux: 900-1000LM
Output Power: 10W
Light Color: Warm White 3000k-3200k Cool White 6000-6500k
Beam Angle: 120-140

i want to run them off a 11.1v lipo they are about 12v fully charged. its all got to be kept quite small too. i need to know what drivers i need etc. i also want it to be remote controlled. would this work as the driver? and ran the chips in 2S6P?


it doesn't get hot, it gets a little warm but other than its fine. It's only going to be on for small bursts at a time.


pics added, ill upload the video later :)

2016-01-03 19.51.25.jpg2016-01-03 21.06.14.jpg2016-01-03 21.06.19.jpg

well I've made it! And it works perfect! No need for "backpack of batteries or a hand trolly!" check this out!

Did you build a light or a heater? LOL
With some old copper paint it would be a great steampunk lamp.
But jokes aside, great job although I am concerned about the heat inside a little plastic container.
One of these LED's gets quite hot already, you have 120W from the LED's plus the heat from the resistors.
Can't wait for the video and to figure out how you solved the heat problem.

So you also make a backpack or hand trolley for the batteries?
Just asking as you are looking at 10amp and more @ 12V...
Add these to your bucket list and you might be getting somewhere:
1. Constant current LED driver for each LED.
2. Big enough heat sinks for each LED or a massive aluminium cooler from an old amplifier with added fan.
3. A 50Ah or more deep cycle battery.
4. Someone or something to help you carry around all the weight.

Seems someone forgot to check Ohms law before ordering LED's....

well I've made it! And it works perfect! No need for "backpack of batteries or a hand trolly!" check this out!

It looks like you want to power them in parallel.

My Instructable might help you with that (Steps: 14&15)

I'm not sure what you're trying to do will work, These LED's need very big heat-sinks

well it works...

First test 1 led

2nd test 5 leds https://youtu.be/4A4GXtwpR9A

why do I need a driver if im only using a 11.1v lipo and the leds needs 9-12v to power them?

If you can make sure the battery can not supply more amps than what the LED's need...
There is a reason why LED's use constant current drivers - read it up on Wiki or use Google ;)