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help with (possibly) programmable chips? Answered

hey eveyone, i want help figuring out if  can use either of these 2 chips for programming. the datasheets are below:

atmel at29c512-90jc  \/


mosel vitelic v29c51002t   \/

any help is appreciated



Best Answer 8 years ago

I could only get the first one to load. It's flash memory. You can load it with a program but you'll still have to have a processor to go with it to make it do anything. Unless I'm mistaken all it does is remember what you tell it.

here is a working link to the second one: http://www.datasheetcatalog.com/datasheets_pdf/V/2/9/C/V29C51002T.shtml click on the blue in the manufacturer area do i really need a processor? it was in a old mac drive, but are you sure? im trying to find something to use instead of expensive atmegas that i wont have to buy online.

This should be a clue
...its a memory, on its own. Steve

sorry, i havent used these before. i thought that since the one was a atmel, that it would work the same as any other atmel would. and i had the other left over from a dead mobo

"Atmel" are a major chip-maker, they make several kinds of processor, memory, CAN bus interfaces, MP3 player chips etc etc. In processors, they make AVR, ARM and 8052 !

8052? intel made those, i thought. a friend of mine might have one, would that work? ( i want to make myself a electronic tic tac toe game)

It would, but you'll have to work out how to program the memory.


so a 8052 will work for this? im sure the datasheet will tell me programming. and can i use the flash memory to expand the memory?

Nope, same thing. Its just memory. You need a controller and a processor and other things to make it do anything.

+....about 10. Both of these are memory chips, not processors. The atmega costs less than $5

ya but i cant get it online and they dont sell it in my area

by i "cant get it online" i mean i dont have a paypal and i cant set one up

Sometimes you have to resort to paying by regular mail.

I've done this once in  a while.  you have to find out what their mailing address is and how much the bill is and then buy a mail order and send it to them

A little slower, but it still works great.