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help with wireless broadband dongle make for external antenna Answered

two pics attached show the circut board of the zte mf626 wireless broadband dongle
last is a sma cable antenna

need 2 know how attach a sma plug cable to this dongle
and which wire to connect to what brass (gold) tab?

as seen the dongle only uses 1 tab for the antenna
and another tab is not bieng used so i recon that this
dongle can do more than have a small aerial

to use a external antenna like the one seen in the third  picture
can anyone help with this?


do i really have anthing to worry about RP-SMA
or ive got nothing to worry about?

trying to work out if this if it is two antenna how can i complete a Coaxial cable
with the wire (core and sheilding)
on it?

Use the REPLY button (Like I did).
Are those points where a socket might have been mounted but wasn't?


this model of dongle has no external antenna capabilitys (so as told really? it has to be something here why a second tab that does nothing , as described below)

and for this that green antenna cap slides on to the circut see the slot?
it circut slides into the bottom of the cap.
very faint but you can see the left tab has a grove but the right tab hasnt got a grove in it at all in otherwords that right tab was never used.

so what is it?

ive decided to try and get clear pictures of my old dongle for referance to show u what it looks like inside its a very quick pull down without too much explaination and the 2screws prior to taking apart has already taken out and to open these us a plastic case opener.

dongle step 1.jpgdongle step 2.jpgdongle step 3.jpgdongle step 4.jpgdongle step 5.jpgdongle step 6.jpgdongle step 7 end.jpgdongle step 8 end.jpg

OK, I did try finding more on these things but struggled a bit. As far as I know there aren't that many manufacturer's but the same devices are sold in many different packages under different brands.
If you can identify the basic modem, i.e. manuf' you might find the technical spec' to be sure of what you're doing. Mine's a Huawei,



thats mine, not too many technical details though.

I'm going to say "what the hell, just go for it", backed up by "you got a cheaper version, there's probably an almost identical device where they did solder an aerial socket". Still, it's your thingey...


It doesn't have a socket then? That is where the socket should be?


 Those two gold plates are most likely connectors for two antennas. It's not un-like wifi companies to put two small antennas in close proximity to each other.

I would say try soldering wire to the plate closest to the edge of the PCB, make sure the OHM rating of the wire matches for the right application!