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helping hands tool? Answered

Is there a tool OR SERIES OF TOOLS out there that can assist hobby enthusiast who have the misfortune of unsteady hands. Not quite Parkinsons but pretty bad. The mind still wishes to create and to solve technical problems, but shaky hands put a stop to a lot of projects...or just make completion time very slow. There are definitely high end medical robot arms that do the trick but for your average Joe, there's always budget constraints. We can't afford those expensive automated robot arm systems.

So is there a RELATIVELY reasonably priced product that could be used in these situations?



Best Answer 5 years ago

I think it largely depends on the specific kind of project which tools could help. For precison work with small tools meant for freehand use a sturdy armrest that can support as much as possible just in the right position might be of some help. But I don't know if anything like that is commercially made and if that would be sufficient for you. On the larger scale for example a drill press versus just a drill would make things easier, and also every other tool that holds and guides the material during the operation.

I hope someone can point you to well engineered helping devices but I also think that you have to analyze your specific situation and interests and think creatively to get the best set of tools possible. Also concider consulting doctor or some supportive organisation if you have access to them, they might have some info about people with similar issues and solutions to them.

And not least is the possibility of partner in the projects who could take the burden of most delicate operations. Maybe there is someone in the family or a friend who has been contemplating making things too but has not got to it alone. Or a child - who in case of interest in the making actually would benefit a lot of your guidance and learn something invaluable while also helping you out.

I wish you good luck and hope you soon find a way to make your ideas real.

Thanks to all for the responses. The Ultimate Desk Squid Project by Biozone looks like it would be ideal.

I would use the apparatus mainly for RC modelling and soldering of electronics - will just have to be cautious of heat levels and plastic components.

I use a Helping Hands Tool which is readily available - the reason for my post is I was looking for something with the ability to assist with clamping as well as assisting in smooth movement of things like maneuvering a soldering iron over a circuit board.

If you can do with sothing to hold things for you as you work there are many options. But when you talk about a system that manipulate tools for you... Anything that complex that can be considered useful will cost thousands of dollars. If there are cheaper solutions available they would probably be in kit form and require good dexterity and steady hands to put it together.

What kind of projects do you like making? It would help to have some specific idea of where your having the most trouble to offer you some ideas. I know that my uncle (who had Parkinson's) used clamps to hold a lot of things, but that was for woodworking.