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here's a quality concept for you Answered

Feel free to go out and experiment making this concept...


It's a scalable, stackable, light in the air, controllable automated AWE Airborne Wind Energy Beasty.
And the idea is proving popular.

By spinning a bunch of kites from disks on tethers and a tracking rail generator ... you get power
The generation side is on the ground.
cool eh

The drawing is a bit out of date now as the concept has developed... eh a few mins ago... but it's still a good indicator



6 years ago

It's come on a lot http://kitepowercoop.org

Why aren't you going out and experimenting with making this concept?
(or are you?)


That's the plan.... gimme a break though! it only got dreamt up a few days ago and I've already been in touch with prototyping manufacturers.
Thanks for the kick up the bum though

I think your kites may become entangled, or is that just because the diagram makes them look closer than they actually are?


It looks awfully complex to me - personally, I would fly a proven lifter, such as a Cody, and use it to carry up a turbine.

7. The disks can be made Inflated Leading Edge style to cope with torque rigidity requirements at low weight... (wider disks + shorter spacing + more pull = more torque available)
8. The stacking and mounting of new disks can all be done within the tracker / generator.
9. recovery and launch can be quick and automatic with a horn launcher, disk control arms and tether guides.
10. Aviation control will be happier knowing that it can be brought down with self destruct in emergencies.
11. cheapest power per buck anywhere I bet you!
12. very low carbon footprint.

I'm convinced

Ok Here's the benefits,
1. you don't lift any heavy kit in the air with this design. By passing the torque to the ground, you get rid of the heavy generators up top at speed ... means inherently safer.
2. The kites on the edges of the disks are standard already proven and easy to control. Because they are offset on the disk ... as they fly round ... they rotate the disk ... They are flying with a very high apparent wind.
3. The rotating generator / motor on the bottom can be used to impart lift to launch and recover the kites and disks.
4. The kites cover a huge area = loads of power compared to land based systems
5. The system is stackable ... as it get higher the wind gets way more reliable and stronger
6. The system is scalable, a small system should work as well as a MASSIVE one