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hey who wants to join my group "somehow somewhere a duck is watching you"? Answered

title says all it is very random and cool so join it now.



Antidaephobia: the fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you. FAR SIDE ROCKS!!! Uhhh... How do I join?

idk just search it in groups then click join?


8 years ago

Instructables really isn't about people joining your groups. If you want that, go to facebook. Maybe make an instructable, or post some cool forum topics and ask if people want to subscribe to you. Sorry.

People unclear on the concept, eh?

hey i am not looking for facebook i am just looking for some really random fun instructables about very random things.

I am going to respectfully decline to join this group.  I thank you for the kind offer to join, and I'm sure it's a very nice group, but I've already got enough randomness (and coolness too) in my own life right now, and I really don't need any more.

Not to be rude- but this is not facebook, and this is not what Instructables is about.
This should not be a place for funny groups, IM, or friend lists that reach into eternity. The group has absolutely nothing to do with anything on the site. Sorry if
I offended you.

Not me.