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hi anyone got any ideas how to revamp ni-cad rechargeable batterys for drills? Answered

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rickharris (author)2011-04-24

Almost certainly you will find if you take the battery pacj apart that a few of the cells have dies.

There are various schemes for "revitalising" them but IMHO they don't work.

After MUCH frustration I bought 2 x 12 volt lead acid battery 20MAh for about £4 and replace the battery pack with a wired cord to connect to the batteries.

Works better than before. I can charge from a normal car battery charger & the charge lasts MUCH longer than the NmiH did even when new.

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steveastrouk (author)rickharris2011-04-25

Yes, without a proper tag welder, its very hard to rebuild a pack at home. There are companies that will do it for you though.


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caarntedd (author)2011-04-24

Type "nicad battery tool hack" in the google search box on the top right of the page, then click graphical search on the page that opens. There you will see a heap of helpful instructables.

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