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hi could somebody plz tell me how to redecorate my bedroom Answered

I moved into it about 5 years ago it was my sisters old bedroom I share it with my 17 year old brother its light purple none of the furniture needs to be replace but I'm thinking of making a cool loft bed and making a chill out zone underneath it so could anybody help plz drop me a comment

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Gorfram (author)2009-08-08
  • talk to your brother to find out what he wants, will put up with, or might even help with.
  • talk to your parents to find out what they want, will allow, and/or might help fund.
  • figure out what kind of budget you've got to work with.
  • paint if possible. If not, use pictures, posters, window shades, etc. to offset the wall color. Black, gray, and silver are good colors to help tone down the "sweetsiness" of light purple.
  • type "loft bed" into the search box at upper right & read several of the many loft bed instructables.
  • KoolAid is quite right - shelves are your friend. Put them anywhere you can. If the room is big enough, a freestanding shelf might work as a partial divider to help set off "your" part of the room from "your brother's." And/or, a shelf running all around the room at just-above-the-door-molding-height can be a super storage boon. Type "shelves" and/or "bookshelves" into the search box at upper right.
  • cruise this site and the net for ideas. Type "decorate," decor," or "redecorate" into the search box at upper right. Check out the IKEA website - even if you don't buy their stuff, you always can steal some ideas :). The IKEA website also has a "build your own virtual dorm/teen room" ...program? ...game? ...app?.. er, interactive thingo... that's kind of fun and gives you a good idea of how different arrangements of stuff would look.

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Yerboogieman (author)2009-08-08

Paint, shelves, media center, Automated system.

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austinburke. (author)2009-08-07

Could you please upload some pictures? It would probaly be easier to help you out if they were available. Thanks

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