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hi' i have a MAHELY mod.standard 700 carabina automatica cal 22 long rifle which i need a fireing pin. Answered

I can not get one in New Zealand and as i have not  one i can not make one.I would like to buy one if i could.The Pat. no is 115251v115277 made by industria argfntina.    Thanks Tony



If You have a Mahely Minimax you can find the firing pin at http://www.gunpartscorp.com .
Part number 774260B. New Zealand is not on their restricted
shipping list. Cost $8.50 USD plus shipping. Good luck.

Don't they have gunsmiths in New Zealand?  They have ways of ordering/procuring things that the common folk have trouble getting.

Sometimes you have to pay a little extra just because they can get something that you can't.

I think automatic firearms need to be registered in NZ and a firearms licence is also required should you order parts through a gunsmith.

You mean "semi-automatic" don't you.

And I'll bet that if a license is required to order parts then a license is required to own one also.

When I said automatic, I meant both types. Yeah, you need a licence to own firearms, but a .22 that isn't (semi) auto and holds less than 15 rounds in the mag, is classed as category A and doesn't need to be registered. A semi auto requires registration.
This is from memory of being told by someone from NZ, the rules are different here in Australia, so don't quote me.