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hi, i would like help on imbedding photos Answered

what process will work best to imbed the artwork onto tiles or laminate on the floor of my boutique? I want to put a photo along with our logo inside the shop. there will be heavy traffic from customers so need something durable.PLEASE HELP!


Its what we do :-) We transfer photographs to ceramic and glass tiles -- even floor tiles. Visit us on the web at www.changeyourart.com

You could try painting the logo, or putting the photo on the floor with a coat of envirotex over it. It produces a bartop finish that is heat, and water resistant. It takes about 48 hours to completely dry.

This would be a time-consuming project, but it would work well. Make a space in the floor that you already have. Make it the size of your picture + 6 inches on each side. So, if your picture is 2 feet by 2 feet, make the space about 3 feet by 3 feet. Pull the existing tile up in the space, remove the old tile cement (a belt sander and regular sander would work well), lay down white posterboard with your picture printed on it, and lay down a sheet of plexiglass that is 1/8 inch smaller on each side than your space. Then caulk the gap between the plexiglass and the tile with Phenoseal Clear or something similar. My 2 cents.

How about a mosaic tile floor?

Im not sure about adding it to the floor, but there are internet shops that allow you to custom design vinyl wall art. You can even get vinyl wraps for fridges and the like as well. But I don't think they'd work for such high traffic areas such as a floor, because they can be scratched. And there is one shop out there, I can't remember the name, who can create a ceramic tile with any image at all, but I don't know if they do custom images.