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hi im 13 and i find my room really boring, i need some cool craft ideas to put in and on my room. Answered

Cannot paint. im a teenager so nothing Childish. music is cool. my interests are anime music screamo naruto canada cooking. drawing




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Do you have a budget for this?

If you're into drawing and need to do this on the cheap....
An inexpensive alternative to posters would be to cover large wall areas with freezer paper (butcher paper with plastic on one side). It comes in rolls at the grocery store... or in huge rolls at paper outlets... or your grocery store meat dept might sell you a few yards.
Join pieces of the freezer paper with packing tape on the plastic side until you have a lightweight waterproof paper 'canvas' of the size and shape you want.

And It doesn't have to be square... you could have diagonal bands going across walls and around corners.

Thumbtack it to your wall (this may require a hammer)... reinforce where the tack goes through with packing tape again on the back.

Then draw on it to your hearts content.. Whatever medium you use, test it first on a small piece of freezer paper to make sure it won't bleed through onto your walls. Also, be careful you don't draw over the edge of the paper or use anything that would drip off the paper.

Your walls look off white or white. ..gives your room nice potential for a gallery look... or a lot of contrast if you like drawing with black or other dark crayons/markers.

WHEN YOU TAKE A PANEL DOWN - there will be tiny black holes on your wall. This may upset people, so go to a hardware store and buy a TINY tub of spackle. Put a dab of spackel on your a finger and RUB it into the holes. DO NOT use a putty knife for this!! You shouldn't be rubbing a spot any larger than a penny. When it's dry, wipe over the rubbed area with a damp (not wet) rag. This should leave the only spackle on the wall in the holes. Poof! No holes, no marks, no need to repaint or upset anyone.

From your picture it also looks like you could even thumbtack freezer paper to your closet doors - by wrapping the paper over the top and bottom and pushing the tacks into the surfaces parallel to the floor and ceiling.

get some art that you like(posters,paintings.......) that makes a difference i also suggest that sheets need to be changed that in itself will make a difference i also think you should change your curtains if possible and maybe put a lamp and a chair in there that all i can think of really

Yes i will be getting a chair :P.

hopefully it is one you like

I already have it just in my other house.(cause i just moved cities)

okay then you should be good if you do what mole said and if you put most of the stuff that was in your old room into your new one you should be good

Get some posters of bands you like! Some new curtains maybe? A desk?
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